Most important ingredient. {Syracuse Family Photographer}

Confessing again that I am the worst blogger…ever.  Here’s the thing though, I get to photograph some pretty amazing people. People who inspire me, clients who become friends and stories I am proud to share.  As I start to head into my busy shooting season I am making a promise to share these stories better here on my little spot.


Can not think of a more fun bunch to revive this little photography blog with.  Meet my friends that Tennants and Hickeys. This family loves BIG, but all being in the same place at the same time can be tricky. So when it happened a few weeks ago Momma T asked for pictures (wise lady). It was cold and wet and there was no “ideal” place to photograph, thankfully this did not stop us because the most important ingredient in these images are the people and the sweet bond they share.

Enjoy, I certainly did.








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Looking forward to sharing your story in pictures. xo

Growing a family

A few weeks ago on a cold Saturday morning I was invited into a wonderful family’s home.

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I am pretty excited for this family, they will be adding a new sweet member. They are growing to a family of six.  I am going to let my friends share…..

“It was about two years ago that the thought of adopting a child with special needs came to my mind. We have a child with special needs already so our hearts are soft towards children with needs and difficulties different then our own. It started out as a passing thought. It didnt stick after all we have three children already! Then I remember reading an online devotional which contained a link which I clicked on. This link lead me to information about international adoption of  children with special needs. I learned about how so many children with special needs such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are routinely given up in countries such as Bulgaria and Lithuania. If not adopted these children are shuffled from orphanage to orphanage and eventually end up in institutions with little to no hope for a productive future. That was really when the seed was planted but it was not for many months and after my husband’s heart was also pierced by James 1:27 that the ball got rolling for our family on this adoption adventure and God lead us to Valerie an orphan in Lithuania who is partially deaf with Down syndrome.

Currently we are in the process of applying for our home study which includes medical dossiers, interviews, a study of our home, criminal clearance and fingerprints. We have both received our passports which is pretty exciting! We are also trying to raise funds towards the adoption process as it is quite an undertaking! It has been such a blessing as people have taken a hold of the mission that God set before us and have joined us in the journey!”


Like I said I am thrilled for little Valerie and my friends and want to be able to help the process along!


For the months of May & June any session that is booked I will donate $50 to Valerie’s adoption fund.  So if you have been planning a photography session now is the time!!

Contact me today and let’s help this precious family bring their baby home.

If you are local and would like to help in a different way there is a benefit dinner being held this coming Saturday March 28th. Get more details here

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I Heart Faces {Heart & Soul}

It’s time for another fun photo contest over at I Heart Faces. The theme this month is Heart & Soul.  So many directions one could go with this prompt. My husband, my kids, my time at GiGi’s Playhouse, my faith…all of these things live in my heart and soul but then I had the opportunity to photograph a special family in their home and I knew I would use a picture from my time with them.

Being allowed into a home to photograph the individuals who live there is such a rich experience for me.  The nerves from having a camera around fall away so much quicker,  people open up and let you into who they are so much easier. The flow comes so naturally. I dig it a whole lot. Then I get to pull up the images……….and moments like this fill my heart & soul.


Syracuse Family Photographer,


Do you have an image that fits? Come share and enjoy what others share!



Pets | {I Heart Faces}

Novembers photo challenge at I Heart Faces is pets. This summer I had the extreme pleasure of being contacted by a lady who wanted some images of her and her dog.  I am all in for meeting new people, so of course I was happy to book. Well the evening was a true delight.  The mutual love and respect shown was pretty amazing, I smiled for days.

syracuse photographer

 Come add your own pet picture and enjoy all the pet pictures!

Photo Challenge Submission

Beautiful Eyes {I Heart Faces}





“I see the world through eyes that don’t judge. I love with a heart that does not discriminate. I see people for who that are and accept them for simply that”. ~ unknown

Syracuse Lifestyle Photographer


I am sharing this image of my stunning friend who sets the most beautiful example to everyone who stops to pay attention with the community at I Heart Faces for the September Photo Challenge. Please stop over at I Heart Faces this week and be inspired by all the {Beautiful Eyes} & join in by entering your images!



Photo Challenge Submission

Baby on the way! | Maternity Photographer Syracuse New York

Anyone who knows this beautiful couple knows they are going to love and cherish this sweet little one who is on his/her way.  Everyone is excited to see this couple become a family of three in a few months. This beautiful mama grew up with my little sister and while the two of them did their best to drive a teenage me crazy :) I was completely honored to be asked to document this season of life for them.




Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility. ~ Kate Douglas Wiggin


Time with Ally I Syracuse Senior Photography

A few weeks back I was able to spend a glorious evening with one of my favorite families.  I always have fun with this crew, always. This evening was all about Ally. She is starting her senior year and I feel privileged to be the one to help capture a bit of this season for her.


2014-08-18_0003This session actually started back in cold February. We giggle a lot.








One of my very very favorite things is when parents want to be a part of this.  Ally is so very loved. She loves back pretty great too xo



Did I mention the giggling?








Have an amazing senior year Ally xoxo


I Heart Faces {Friendship}

I had another image in mind for this months I Heart Faces August Photo  challenge, but then these two changed that.  I heard giggling and “pass the pen, ok this one is yours and this one is mine. Let’s keep them forever”  They had their own little photo shoot and to say I smiled would be an understatement.  I just love that these two little firecrackers do not let a couple year age difference keep them from being BFF’s.


 Come join the fun!

Photo Challenge Submission

xo Heather