Day Thirteen….My Joy

Her middle name says it all. Ella Joy brings so much laughter in this house, she is like her daddy in that if things get tense she needs to make a joke or dance a funny dance, anything to get us giggling.  This morning she told me “I love you mommy, thank you for being here. Cause really if you where not here who would make my lunch?”  She used a gift card today to buy a new hat, while her sister was being the thrifty shopper looking through the sale rack.  They compliment each other so perfectly.
Couldn’t decide what slippers to wear.

Never stop sharing your joy my girl.

Photo Challenge, The Sleeping Dino.

This week on I Heart Faces their photo challenge was cell phone. I took this picture in early December at the wild n crazy Christmas Tree shop. Seriously that place is nuts, old ladies turn into gladiators to get that 25 cent ornament. Any way I was very surprised my tiny dino just decided to check out and took a nap sitting up in the middle of it all. I used PhotoWonder to edit it a touch.

Day Ten…….Sunday sweet Sunday

We had a fun day playing with Titi Dorcas and Abuelo. Lots of ball throwing, titi got a makeover and a fun Skype chat with Abuela, Mark Abby and Titi Deborah from Florida where my nephew informs us there is NO SNOW! The whole family is hoping this week brings us our sweet baby Elisabeth strong and healthy.  How cool would it be if she came on Tuesday? The oldest grandbaby sharing a birthday with the youngest.