Day Seventy One-Seventy Nine…Oops

So yup, I have been a bad blogger. Was busy playing with kids and other fun stuff. I promise though I have done no house work. I would never ignore you for such silly things. Her is a mish mash of stuff I have been shooting over the past nine days. 

New Diaper. How cute is that?!
teething is just mean and nasty. The monkey has been on a steady diet of frozen waffles. 
my brown eyed loves.
teeny tiny baby leaves
That pretty sky is just happiness.
The girls are my art directors, they set this up in the back yard and came in for me. “mom get your camera we made the flood beautiful”
One of my very favorite parts of spring. Tiny purple flowers that cover the back yard.
Hello pretty Tulip.
She has been doing this since she was just a wee little thing. Love watching her get lost in her own world and just be a little girl. I know my days are numbered.
always ready to strike a pose.
fluffy pink blooms.
ok all caught up.

Day Sixty Six…Favorites

Max loves his books, I know I have said this before. but he really does. I have sat on the kitchen floor a few times because who can say no to those big brown eyes bringing me Mr. Brown Can Moo. Dishes in no way shape or form have the effect on me that my little bubs does. He wins every time.  The thing is I will pick the books up and no matter where he is or what he is doing the second he spots I have put them up he will come and redo it his way. Then sit and “read” them all.