Day 101…Bookends

Today was a day spent with my bookends. Marcelina needed a full 24 hours on some antibiotic eye drops before returning to school so we made the best of it. Seriously though I am on the verge of buying us a family sized bubble.  
We watched Secretariat and the artist in her got inspired.

She is amazing with him.
even when he decides he wants the big rake.
oh how I love this amazing soul who made me a mama.
and how I love this little man who closed down the “shop”
and just for the record my in the middle kid is pretty fantastic and fills us all up with her joy.

Day Eighty Eight….I love my job!

Yes I am “just” a stay at home mom and I love it. That’s not to say I do it well every day or have moments of wanting to hide from my little people but I would be lost without this job.
I had a quick conversation with the waitress today, when she first came to the table she said “wow you sure have your hands full I see”  I was a little perplexed as to why she would make such a statement everyone, including the monkey, where sitting nicely at the table. So I answered “yes filled with lots of joy and excitment” I am just that cheesy. So as we are leaving she makes another remark, to my kids this time “You guys have to behave today, no choice about it”  Now I am a little bugged, she has just assumed I have “bad” kids, not cool. So I kindly chirped in that I had no worries because I have three great kids and everyday was a treat to be their mama. Her reply  “wow not many moms can say that” that really made me sad.  Be sure your kids know how great they are…..I am not talking about being fake and pretending life is always lollipops and sunshine but why the need to highlight the struggles?  I will even go so far as to say I am thankful for my kids struggles because they make me a stronger mom. I get stretched and pulled as much if not more than they do. There are no easy fixes, well unless we are talking a pit stop for ice cream ;o) I think I am rambling to much, lets get to the pictures.
Daddy is getting good at taking pictures.
He was so cute, dancing and jumping away.
off to work the fields
I better be getting a cookie for this.

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing moms out there!