I Heart Faces ~ Friendship

This months fun photo challange at I Heart Faces¬†is friendship. I had a bit of a challenge going through images trying to decide what to share because I am very blessed with amazing¬†friends. Then my little man reminded me that he was missing his very best friend. His Abuelo “olo” has been away visiting our family down south for the past month. These two share a special bond and watching it grow has been a special treat. My boy and my incredible father in law are both so happy when they are together.


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Photo Challenge Submission

Dream Big, I Heart Faces Photography Conference

Bear with me as I try to unscramble all the thoughts still flying around my head after a overwhelmingly fantastic weekend.

I am so glad that I told the voice of insecurity to shut it’s mouth and just went for it (thank you friends who believed in me and made me go)

The entire event was so warm and friendly. Rich with useful teaching, looking forward to putting things I learned into practice.

Bravo I Heart Faces, knocked it out of the park. Can not wait for next year!

Starting the day with the always inspiring Kelle Hampton? Oh yes please. The way she views and uses photography really speaks to me. “look for the beauty”

If you have not checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoying The Small Things, you will thank me.

My favorite workshop was with Jennifer from Jellybean Pictures. I love everything about this woman, her vibe, her enthusiam to teach and share….well I could go on and on but you can tell she has the “it” needed to capture children. who they really are and offer familys stunning art. P.S. she met these kids that day and they where IN LOVE with her. Smart kids ;o)

love how he watches her


I also enjoyed a Bidal workshop taught by Stacy Reeves. She is so good at what she does, I know her brides feel amazing after a session with her. Learned a ton and look forward to using what she taught.

The time between was spent geeking out over the beauty of South Fork, so want to go back and do the offical tour (I was told I could give the tour so I need to compare)

Loved seeing woman with camera’s everywhere soaking it all in. I said to Kelle that I was excited to see all the different ways these woman would share what we where all seeing.

Dream Big, indeed. xoxo