A favorite day, it will be.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, today I will celebrate with my friends all the good that comes in that one little extra chromosome. This felt like a good time to try and share my heart, I get asked “why” a lot. No I do not have a child with Down Syndrome or any other family member. I grew up knowing we are to respect all individuals and to be thankful for what we have. This was taught with the best of intentions and I thank my family for that. I still had questions and didn’t know where to ask, so that curiosity was put on the back burner for far to long. Then three years ago a little girl was born that changed my life, she started a fire in my belly that was not going to be ignored. Her mama was strong and brave and shared herself with us all. Thankful today to call her my friend.

I needed to be apart of this wonderful community right here on my own stomping grounds but was a little lost on where to go. I was the one who felt like an outsider, like I didn’t fit in. One day a good friend says have you seen the new Gigi’s Playhouse in Drivers Village? In my best Buddy the Elf voice I asked “what’s that?” Well little did I know my world was about to explode in awesomeness. Friends I want you to “hear” my words the right way, there is no pity, no patronizing, no making it up. I learn something I needed to learn every time I am there. I have made friends my soul has been looking for, for a long time. Any stereotypes that took up residence in my thoughts have been blown away.

One of my friends Julie Tennant was told as a little girl that we where lacking what she had, I fully believe this to be true. We are lacking but the good news is all we need to is stop and listen. Individuals with Down Syndrome are wonderful teachers. I am so blessed to learn and be stretched by these teachers. I encourage everyone to find a friend like this. We are so much more alike than different. xoxo

This is a beautiful post by a mama who is much better with words than I am ;)

Check this out if you want to understand a bit more what it means to be an individual with Down Syndrome. Just Like You-Down Syndrome

I am obsessed with the song Count on Me by Bruno Mars. As I am listening to it this morning I had an Ah-ha moment. These friends, these friends who posses what we don’t, they are singing this to us, just listen…..now I cry again. Happy happy tears.




Where ever you are today and whatever you are doing, do something just a little extra to share good and honor those who work so hard everyday to be their best. If you are local please join us tonight as we ROCK THE HOUSE!

 ask questions, learn, do better. World Changers!