Good memories

This past weekend my family and I jumped in the car and headed a few hours north to enjoy a weekend with some wonderful friends.

It was just what we needed. Lots of just doing what felt good, kids exploring the woods, fishing, target shooting, games, dancing and enough laughing to leave my ribs just sore enough.

Here is a little peek into our happy time.


Camp 2013-17W

Camp 2013-20W


Camp 2013-41W

Camp 2013-27W

Camp 2013-57W

Camp 2013-53W

Camp 2013-74wCamp 2013-62WCamp 2013-63Camp 2013-66WCamp 2013-82WCamp 2013-61WCamp 2013-85WCamp 2013-101WCamp 2013-98W

Camp 2013-94W

campInstagramthanks again friends for a much need getaway