I Heart Faces…Best Face of 2013

Oh my….how do I pick a “best” face for 2013.  I had a wonderful year of doing what I love to do.  It is such a  gift for a family to trust you with the job of freezing a season of time for them. I was surrounded with the BEST!  Then on top of all of these amazing people I have my own kids who I think are pretty fantastic and some of my favorite faces.

I have choices….lots of them, but at the end of the day I am someone who responds to the moment that happens when I am shooting. If I can catch a moment as well as a good image well I am so so happy.  The image I am submitting still puts a lump in my throat months after taking it.

This amazing little lady knows what she likes and it took her a few months to decide she liked me. The evening I spent photographing her family was a dream, it did not go the way it would have if we spent to much time planning. It was perfection.  At one point I jumped up on the wall and she looked up at me with grass all over my head (that she put there) and just exploded in laughter.  I look into her eyes and see so much…………

I can not imagine this ever not being one of my favorite images.


Stop by I Heart Faces to see all the amazing images being submitted.  Do you have a Best Face image? Submit it, this community is amazing to every level of photographer. Mom to Pro, everyone is in!


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