St. Baldrick’s Day 2014….

Back in 2008 I first heard of St. Baldrick’s.  I signed right up much to my supportive husbands dismay. ;)  Marcelina was six, she was traumatized. Would not look at me for days and even then I had to have a hat on. It hit her hard.  Ella Joy was 4, took one look at me and said “Well you lost your fashion” and kept on living life.

2008 St Baldricks

In the winter of 2011 Marcelina comes to me, out of the blue and says she wants to shave her head and help kids with cancer. I was stunned. The daddy was again supportive and a bit sad (he loves his girls hair). Our lady went on to raise over 3,000 dollars thanks to so many amazing people! She was a little disappointed that her mom only raised $100  ;)


2012 St.baldricks



So here we are in 2014 and our Ella Joy with her long almost black hair wants to go bald for a cause.  Cue super proud mom (who is not joining in this time) and a daddy who can not believe we keep doing this to him but cheers us on all the same.

We are asked, why would you….how could you….I can never. Here’s the thing not everyone needs to shave, some people shave, some people share what we (or others) are doing on social media, some donate. It all matters, it all helps this foundation reach a very important goal.


Here is why Ella Joy will have her head shaved.



Meet Eric Thomas Schilly.  When Ella heard about Eric she new there was really nothing left to think about. Cancer is mean and unfair so we are going to love and give the best we can.  We will Let Ally, Eric’s big sister and our amazing friend share about her brother.

‘They say time heals a broken heart…but, I think time just helps you accept what you can’t change.  I say this because it has been 28 years since my brother Eric left us be be with his creator.  28 years, yet my eyes fill with tears every time I remember back to those days.   I remember my little brother as fun loving little boy just like any other 5 year old boy.  However; he had so much wisdom beyond his 5 short years. Eric was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or All when he was 3 years old and passed when he was 5. Although his time with us was short he touched everyone of us with ever lasting love! His favorite foods…hmmm there were so many chicken wings, popcorn, eggs in the morning and chocolate cake to name a few.  Willing to share with a good friend unless on Prednisone then hands off!  The Never Ending Story was one of his favorite moves ( his girlfriend was the princess), the muppets were another. His sense of humor was like non other, I remember Eric and our Aunt Susie playing jokes and dressing as the masked comic from the Gong Show like it was yesterday.  Getting into trouble and making his older sister mad just like all younger sibling do.
To heal is not what I think is important…remembering all the good that was given to us as the years pass by is what helps us accept and continue on.  I remember my brother everyday and talk about him with my kids so they know their uncle Eric and look up to him with respect as he watches over us from above. Miss you and love you Eric Thomas Schilly! It may be six or seven years, or twenty two or three. But will till we meet again take care of him for me.

Love you to heaven and back,
Your big sis Ally’

photo (3)


Ella is so excited to be a part of St. Baldrick’s day, she is excited to see how many people have already donated because she believes childhood cancer can be stopped. She is happy to do this small act to help bring big joy.

“I do not think any child anywhere should be sick with cancer. I want doctors to find a cure now!”

Ella-1Ella-4Ella-5 If you feel like helping our girl reach her goal (or blow past it) you can visit her fund raising page at  St.Baldrick’s Day


Thank you from all of us.

A Grateful Year {January}

I wanted to start this year with a goal, one the I want to be a life long habit. Look for the blessing, find the thing(s) you are grateful for even on a hard day.  I am not a good writer but I have my camera. In 2014 I will document the things in my life that make me smile & fill my heart.  January is full of pictures from my home.  Here are a few things that stand out to me and make me thankful.

1. Every morning starts with snuggles

photo (1)


2. The way his mind works.


3.  How happy a treat from Papa can make us. \


4. The fake grumpy face


5. Silly cat who puts up with us.


6. Coffee…….can I get an amen?


7. The music she produces.


8. the way he plays


9. Having a super hero close by is always a good thing.


10. Love. it is ALWAYS there


11. The Charlie Cat has no sense of what we might need to be doing. All comes to a halt when a snuggle is needed.


12.  Hats. Sometimes the hair just needs to be hidden.


13. “you wanna pway wid me?”


14. Did I mention Love?


15. Books and a young lady who gobbles them up.


16. His love for his girls.


17. Her. Changing, growing, learning. always.


18. Her. Brave and selfless. On March 30th she will have her head shaved for Childhood Cancer research.  St. Baldricks Day  


19. The adventures he send his “guys” on.


20. Silly. It’s like O2 in this house.



I am having a wonderful time on the Project: Gratitude page on FB. Jump in any time, everyone is welcome!





As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~ JFK