Love. I really love it.

A few months ago I was sent an e-mail asking  “please take our pictures” (always like these e-mails) The Mrs. wanted to surprise her Mr. with a photo session to celebrate their five years of marriage. I am a huge goober for love, makes me all silly, so I was pretty excited to meet with these love birds. Well mother nature messed with us and our time together got bump to two weeks ago. During the time I was first contacted and the time we met, this precious couple found out they were expecting a baby!  I was delighted when we met and they shared the news. Love and a new baby, oh goodness consider me happy to the max.  Thew pictures make me so happy. Enjoy.






Best wishes W family, can not wait to meet your little man!



My heart is so heavy this week.

I am sure you all have seen the pictures of little Ryan Cruz sweet red curly haired son of blogger Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery. Jacqui and her husband Dan are, I can only imagine, living in a state of shock and horror. Their beautiful boy chased a frisbee into the street and the unimaginable happen.  Social media has stepped up and is doing all they can to wrap this couple and their family in as much love as we can muster.  You can find all the love for this family at the hash tag #redballoonsforryan

If you want to help this post has several options. The Power of Social Media


As a mom I am here aching for this mom, feeling helpless. Feeling bad for laughing or smiling for a moment.  Feeling overwhelmed by these thoughts and then feeling guilty. I imagine how would I handle this…..while she is living it.

I lost Max for 30 seconds in Target yesterday.  We all know this feeling. It lasted 30 seconds. Then he was there, his naughty guilty little face looking up at me. He was still mine, I could still hug him and kiss him. How does a parent even take a breath after something so sacred it ripped from them?  I could not even hug him in that moment because I would have lost it big time right there between toddler clothes and housewares.  At home I let my broken heart empty in tears. I prayed those tears would be prayers of love and healing for two who are living with pain unimaginable. I prayed how thankful I am that I love a God who is bigger than this, I thanked Him that because he sent Jesus to us to die for us that He knew exactly what this feels like and in His perfection this couple will find a way. There are no easy answers and no easy fixes but we will love and pray and support however we can.  There are so many right now choosing to love. This is where we can find the grace to keep moving forward.


Natalie Grants song ‘Held’ has been playing on loop in my head the past few days, I use it as a prayer. God does not rush us through pain, He hold us right there, He keeps it from swallowing us. I pray this for Jacquie and Dan. Grace for each moment, that every moment they are living right now is coated in His grace and and it gives them the strength to take the next breath. .


Psalm 147:3 ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’




I Heart Faces May Photo Challenge…..Girls

Girls girls girls, I love my girls. These sisters that drive each other crazy but always have each others backs make me very proud.

As our Ella Joy got ready to go bald for St. Baldrick’s day this year it was her big sister, Marcelina, who was the most emotional.  I didn’t expect this and I am pretty sure she did not expect to be so emotional either.

In this image we were in a packed excited room waiting our turn, looked over and saw this. Nothing forced, nothing staged. Just raw honest pride from a a big sister to a little sister.



Please come over to I Heart Faces this week and join in the fun! After all, girls just wanna have fun ;)



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