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Happy 2015 everyone! It was sweet to look back and try to decide my “best face” of 2014. It was a year full of growth for my business, friendships and my heart.  It was no easy task picking a favorite. I am never good at narrowing down a favorite. This is why it took me well over a year to put together my wedding album. (sorry to my photographer) ;)

I settled on my little man. Full of thoughts, opinions and personality. He has the idea that everyday should be a Target day. Well as much as I would like for that to be true we all know it just can’t be. Here is how Max takes the news.

Syracuse family photographer

I will be joining my Creative Team members this week in choosing the top ten photographs, who will then be featured on I Heart Faces!

I would love for you to join the fun over at I Heart Faces and share your Best Face of 2014!



12 thoughts on “Best Face of 2014 | I Heart Faces

  1. Honestly, you really couldn’t pick anyone but Max. He is everyone’s favorite. Love the mood of this image, the way his eyes and lips just grab the viewer. He is soulful in every good way possible!

    • School was closed today because a big ol storm is on its way, he has a Disney store gift card that is burning a whole in his pocket. He was watching the clock and I am hoping we can get there before the storm!

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