Growing a family

A few weeks ago on a cold Saturday morning I was invited into a wonderful family’s home.

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I am pretty excited for this family, they will be adding a new sweet member. They are growing to a family of six.  I am going to let my friends share…..

“It was about two years ago that the thought of adopting a child with special needs came to my mind. We have a child with special needs already so our hearts are soft towards children with needs and difficulties different then our own. It started out as a passing thought. It didnt stick after all we have three children already! Then I remember reading an online devotional which contained a link which I clicked on. This link lead me to information about international adoption of  children with special needs. I learned about how so many children with special needs such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are routinely given up in countries such as Bulgaria and Lithuania. If not adopted these children are shuffled from orphanage to orphanage and eventually end up in institutions with little to no hope for a productive future. That was really when the seed was planted but it was not for many months and after my husband’s heart was also pierced by James 1:27 that the ball got rolling for our family on this adoption adventure and God lead us to Valerie an orphan in Lithuania who is partially deaf with Down syndrome.

Currently we are in the process of applying for our home study which includes medical dossiers, interviews, a study of our home, criminal clearance and fingerprints. We have both received our passports which is pretty exciting! We are also trying to raise funds towards the adoption process as it is quite an undertaking! It has been such a blessing as people have taken a hold of the mission that God set before us and have joined us in the journey!”


Like I said I am thrilled for little Valerie and my friends and want to be able to help the process along!


For the months of May & June any session that is booked I will donate $50 to Valerie’s adoption fund.  So if you have been planning a photography session now is the time!!

Contact me today and let’s help this precious family bring their baby home.

If you are local and would like to help in a different way there is a benefit dinner being held this coming Saturday March 28th. Get more details here

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4 thoughts on “Growing a family

  1. I wish I could book you to come and take pictures of my kidgets. You need to move! Right into my neighborhood across the street. Or better yet, in my house!

    I will send a donation through paypal.

    Love you. Happy Monday, Sunshine.

  2. Coffee, donuts, a toad, a black dog, three kiddos (I’m feeling like I’ve lived a little bit of this scene – grin) … what’s not to love here? Beautiful imagery, Heather!!

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