Most important ingredient. {Syracuse Family Photographer}

Confessing again that I am the worst blogger…ever.  Here’s the thing though, I get to photograph some pretty amazing people. People who inspire me, clients who become friends and stories I am proud to share.  As I start to head into my busy shooting season I am making a promise to share these stories better here on my little spot.


Can not think of a more fun bunch to revive this little photography blog with.  Meet my friends that Tennants and Hickeys. This family loves BIG, but all being in the same place at the same time can be tricky. So when it happened a few weeks ago Momma T asked for pictures (wise lady). It was cold and wet and there was no “ideal” place to photograph, thankfully this did not stop us because the most important ingredient in these images are the people and the sweet bond they share.

Enjoy, I certainly did.








P.S. if you are in the market of ra super soft tee shirt, look no further. My friend Julie & her brother Derrick create and sell my favorites. Check them out on their site, The Love Chromosome 





Looking forward to sharing your story in pictures. xo

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